Antipode was originally founded in 2006 and performed their first skit/dance show at Setsucon ‘07. The eccentric dance group has combined their love of otaku/nerd culture with their love of belly dancing to create a unique form of dance known as geek belly dancing. Antipode performs throughout the year at numerous conventions.

The group is primarily made up of three performers: Ayla, founding member and the choreographer; Merika, the costumer;  and Kaiya Belle the quirky prop master. Though primarily the three, Antipode has had multiple guest dancers grace their shows.

Antipode has performed over 100 shows at conventions in both the US and UK. Some include Otakon, DragonCon, Katsucon, MAGFest, Otakuthon, Conneticon, Setsucon, ReGeneration Who, Intervention, DerpyCon, Genericon, Anime Boston, UK Ponycon, RocCon, etc.